Corso di disegno accademico

Why Drawing?

This Drawing Course is based on a French 19th century Classic Academic drawing training. It builds up your abilities to draw realistic drawings. Not many people realize drawing is needed to learn how to build ‘form’ in order to PAINT form. This course is set up to help you build form in a relatively short time.

This course teaches how to:

  • use a consistent procedure to set up your drawings.
  • use skills like measuring and rendering in a realistic manner
  • really see with an artists’ eye
  • lay a solid drawing foundation for every drawing or painting
  • measure your results through excellent exercises!
  • perform self control and improving your own artwork
  • use timeproven principles for any future drawings to get spectacular results!
corso di disegno accademico
Torso del Belvedere

‘Good Art is Built on a Good Foundation’

Paola Picasso